Creating Restorative Culture

Four-Day Foundational Training Workshop

Level: Foundational
Topic: Training workshops in Creating Healthy Learning Environments
Length: 4 days
Recommended Follow-up: Although optional, the Follow-Up component is strongly recommended for best results.

This Workshop provides an excellent foundational understanding of the philosophy and actual practices of Restorative Justice in Education including Restorative Circles. The emphasis of this training examines the overall attitudes and practices necessary to create learning environments in which students and staff will thrive.

Custom designed to meet the particular needs of the hiring school, this training will aid in:

  • Establishing restorative practice policies;
  • Creating a paradigm shift leading to a healthy learning culture;
  • Implementing restorative conflict resolution measures.

The workshop includes:

  • Introduction to Restorative Justice in Education, its history and its philosophical roots;
  • Examining what makes a school thrive;
  • Training in basic implementation strategies and processes, including the role of Restorative Language, in order to facilitate a paradigm shift and culture change;
  • Training in Restorative Circle Process, its uses for creating healthy school community and for maintaining positive classroom management;
  • Experiential work and deeper discussion and planning.

For a more thorough training in Circle facilitation, including Circles to repair serious harm, deal with discipline issues, or for re-entry after a suspension, consider the three or four-day Circle Training Workshop.