Creating Safe and Welcoming Schools

A School-wide Introduction to Restorative Practices

Level: Foundational
Topic: School-wide overview seminars introducing Restorative Justice in Education
Length: 2 days

Provide your entire school staff with a basic understanding of the philosophy of Restorative Justice in Education. It is strongly recommended that schools choose the two-day option as this allows additional observation and practice of basic activities and techniques that can immediately be implemented with students.

Day – One: Overview of Restorative Practice in Schools

  • Overview of the philosophy and foundations of Restorative Practice including its key beliefs, core values and core assumptions.
  • Discussion: What is it about fostering relationships and a sense of belonging that is critical to student success both academically and socially?
  • Looking at schools that have successfully applied Restorative Practices. The role of common practice and common language school-wide.
  • About Discipline: the role of Restorative Justice.
  • Discussion: What needs to change?

Day – Two: Restorative Practice Basics for School-wide implementation

  • About Smiling
  • Mindfulness Moments and Meditation (wisdom from the Mind-Up Curriculum)
  • Creating Classroom and School-wide Guidelines and Agreements
  • Values Exercises and Activities
  • How to do Check-ins / Check-outs to build community or to use in teaching content
  • Restorative Language
  • Comments about using Circles for these activities or in teaching content—do’s and don’ts.
  • Discussion: What you are willing to commit to doing. What you need for support going forward.