Support Services

Follow-up Services

The Follow-Up component of any of the Workshops includes monthly visits from the Trainer/Consultant to provide assistance with planning and implementation of roll-out, coaching for Administrators and staff who are taking the lead, and any other support services requested by the hiring school. Follow-Up schedules and fees will be negotiated depending on the services requested.

Workshop Booster Series

These workshops are intended for participants who have attended prior training in Restorative Practices. They include a series of half to full day workshops highlighting and reviewing information from prior training and trouble shoots with participants where they are having difficulty with implementation. How many workshops, as well as the subjects covered in this series will be determined by the hiring school and the consultant as they look at the needs.

For example, a school may have a significant number of staff who have attended Restorative Circle training and are working at implementation of Circles in their classrooms but are having difficulty. At a Booster Workshop, they would identify what they are struggling with, review basic information on authentic Circles and their use in the classroom, and work together at problem solving

Conflict Management/Resolution for Staff

Your staff will work through unresolved issues that have divided them, rebuild and transform relationships, and be re-energized to productively do the work of the organization.

How does it work?

When working with sensitive situations, the issues will not be immediately addressed.

To begin with, the Facilitator will meet individually with all parties involved at least once in order to explain the process, answer questions, assuage fears. These meetings also inform the Facilitator regarding the concerns and “agendas” of the participants.

When we come together as a group, work is first done on building relationship, on exploring the beliefs and values that influence our behavior, and looking at the issues involved in communication. You are given things to think about, tools to use in communicating day to day, and through listening in the Circle are getting to know each other on levels about which it has been difficult to be open. When and how specific issues are directly addressed usually happens “organically” as the comfort level increases, or when the trained Facilitator believes it is timely and appropriate.