Three-Day Restorative Justice Workshop

Using Circles to Repair Relationships Affected by Harm

Level: Advanced
Topic: Training workshops in Restorative Circles to repair harm
Length: 3 days

Prior training in both Foundations of Restorative Practice and in Restorative Circles is required.

Not every infraction in school is appropriate for Circle—many should be handled in the classroom itself, or through other creative methods that address the context and the roots of the behavior. But for those situations that are appropriate for Circle, this workshop will address how these Circles are different, the preparation that is necessary, how to facilitate this kind of Circle, and ways to insure there is follow-up.

Using Circles to deal with harm, and certainly for serious harm, are very effective. One of the most important elements for success is proper preparation of all participants as well as planning the Circle. Knowing that the context for the harmful behavior must be addressed if we hope to see healing and change, facilitators will need to investigate the situation beyond just the incident.

This workshop will:

  • Review the philosophical paradigm of Restorative Justice;
  • Review the foundations and structure of Restorative Circles;
  • Explore and discuss the steps of preparation;
  • Engage in discussion of real examples of success and failures, including stories from participants, the Trainer, and videos;
  • Utilize role plays to practice all steps in the process;
  • Assist in facilitating a real Discussion Circle with the group on a relevant and serious topic.