Training Programs

Workshops are offered at several levels, from foundational to advanced. Read about which level will suit your school best.

School-wide overview seminars in Restorative Justice in Education

Workshop Level
Creating Safe and Welcoming Schools:
A School-wide Introduction to Restorative Practices
  • Introduces your entire school staff to Restorative Practices
  • Sets the tone for the year and offers some practical tools with which to begin
  • Custom designed option for specific groups such as Administrators
Introducing Restorative Justice in Education Foundational

Training workshops in Creating Healthy Learning Cultures

Workshop Level
Creating Restorative Culture:
Four-Day Foundational Training Workshop
  • Create a healthy learning culture in your classroom and school
  • Identify the philosophy and necessary paradigm shifts needed for success
  • Workshops are based on the philosophy of Restorative Justice in Education – but encompass a reality beyond the “labels”
Developing Restorative Language:
A Two Day Training for Administrators / Staff

Training workshops in Restorative Circles

Workshop Level
Restorative Paradigms & The Circle:
Three or Four-Day Circle Training Workshop
  • Learn the history of Restorative Circles and why they are so powerful for building community, engaging in difficult dialogue, and for bringing people together to repair harm
  • Through practical application learn to facilitate various types of Circles
 Three-Day Restorative Justice Workshop:
Using Circles to Repair Relationships Affected by Harm
Using Circles to Teach:
A One to Two-Day Workshop

An in-depth study practicum on shifting traditional educational paradigms to those supporting healthy learning environments

Workshop Level
Professional Development Seminar Advanced
  • School administrators, teachers and support staff will benefit from this in depth course designed to include practical application of the learning through-out the course of study.
  • 8 – 12 session options over a 9 month school year.